The mobile market program helps to increase healthy items that are better and healthier for the individual that participates in the program. It also provides an opportunity for food assistance, nutrition education, and social gathering opportunities for participants.


This program helps with the essentials. People, especially those with big families, can use the money they’re [saving] on groceries somewhere else, like other bills.

Ms. Bumblebee

I do what I can to stay healthy, but with bills to pay, I have to choose between gas and medicine, without much left for food. I can buy packaged food because it’s cheap, but it’s the fresh food that I really miss, and Well Fed provides it.


I haven’t missed a market for a year! I got diagnosed with diabetes in April so I’ve been learning a lot about how to treat it from Well Fed’s nutrition education each month. I feel better with access to healthy groceries and I know I’ll be getting better.


I know the power of nutrition and that’s why I like this program. It’s the only free food program where I can get healthy food consistently. And I don’t have to leave my community to get it!