Well Fed Community Development Corporation is a 501c3 organization.

Our mission is to combat food insecurity with mobile healthy food access and education.

In 2009 our founder, Joshua Harris, led a group of volunteers to Kenya in order to do food aid to struggling communities. It was that incredible experience that sparked a passion to provide better food access to families in need. In 2014 Joshua was diagnosed with Lyme disease. This experience brought a new understanding of whole foods and food as medicine. All of these pieces came together in 2018 when Joshua moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to focus full-time on fighting nutrition and food insecurity in urban and rural communities here in America. 

During the past three years of feeding families, our approach to fighting food insecurity has expanded. Well Fed was founded to fill the “gaps” in the current food access system. We have worked alongside local and state organizations – learning, serving, innovating – into an organization committed to food equity and nutrition security. 


We believe that the best food systems should include local agriculture. We source our fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms, gardens, and veteran or minority owned grocers and wholesalers. We want to BOTH help those who need food and those who grow food. 

We believe that every man, woman, and child should have access to two vital things; nutritious food and nutrition education. We feed, teach, and empower families to eat, cook, and live healthier. The fight against hunger will not be solved by simply handing out food – we must also equip families with tools to be healthy and whoe. 

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Combating food insecurity with mobile healthy food access and education...

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