Spread the Word! We live in a world that uses constant online social networking. We can use your voice online and in person to feed more families. Use your creativity and your platform to connect us with other Food Heroes that want to make a difference. Here are some ideas

Create your own Fundraiser

We have a customizable and snazzy online fundraising tool called Classy. Click here to go set up a fundraiser for your birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation etc. You can invite your friends and family and all the proceeds go to feeding families in need!

Inspire others to volunteer

Come volunteer with us and then post on social media to get others attention. Or, if you aren’t in our area go volunteer with your local organizations!

Get the attention of Companies

Do you know a business or organization that you think could help us? Be brave and contact them on our behalf and to get their attention. You can help connect us to partners by being a voice for us!

Share our Social Media

Go LIKE our Facebook and Instagram pages and then share with your friends how important this cause is. Families need our help desperately!

Post your own content and Tag us

Make a creative post on your social media to share what we do with your network and tag us. You never know who might see it and donate, volunteer, or partner with us all because of you!