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Nutrition Through the Years: Children

Children who eat poorly are more likely to develop certain long-term health problems later down the road. Hear from our dietetics intern as she explains the importance of childhood nutrition and what Well Fed is […]

Diet and Your Organs: We’re Not Kidney You

When was the last time you thought about your kidneys? Unless you’re one of the 37 million people in the US with some form of chronic kidney disease, you probably haven’t given them much thought. […]

What is… Biological Determinants of Health

What determines our health? Dr. Bortz likes to explain it using the life of a car. There are 4 factors that determine the life of a car. It’s the same with humans. This is the […]

Food Insecurity Won’t Be Fixed In Just a SNAP

Arkansas has some of the highest barriers to accessing SNAP Benefits. We dive into a study done by the AHRA and UAMS that interviewed actual SNAP participants.

What is… Causing The Obesity Epidemic in Low-Income America

Fast, cheap, supersized food has been running through America’s veins since sliced bread was invented. Also driving the heartbeat of America is innovation and making everything bigger and cheaper.

What is… Covid-19’s Impact On Low-Income Communities

If asked what the trending health issue has been the last two years there’s no doubt the answer would be Covid-19. The economic impact proceeding the lockdowns and the aggregated number of hospitalizations and deaths […]