Enjoy Cooking and Nutrition Videos + FREE healthy groceries! 

Our online cooking and nutrition video education videos are short, fun, and will help you cook, eat, and live better! We have topics like: “How to Shop Healthy”, “Cooking Safety Tips”, “Reading Nutrition Labels”, “Healthy Snacks”, and more.

What you’ll get for participating in this program: 

Education Videos

Online access to our education videos on your phone, laptop, or tablet. After filling out the registration form you will receive links to our cooking, nutrition, shopping, food, etc. content.

Healthy Groceries

After watching and interacting with our online education videos you'll receive instructions on how to get your FREE healthy grocery delivery. We will come to you! The Healthy Food Boxes will be delivered to you at your community.

Nutrition Support

After enrolling you can also benefit from nutritional coaching and support! We want to empower you to live a healthy life and enjoy cooking and eating good food.


WELL FED and Metropolitan Housing Alliance education and food program


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